1st Joint Workshop for efficient utilization of renewable bioresources

1st Joint Workshop of ADSM, Hiroshima University and Balittas, Indonesia for efficient utilization of renewable bioresources

Date: 22 Oct, 2018 13:00-17:00

Place: 401N Research Building 4F, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter,

Contact: Yutaka Nakashimada (Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Professor)

Organizer: Graduate School of Advanced Sciences of Matter, Hiroshima University
Co-organaizer: HU-ACE, Biomass Project Research Center, Hiroshima University

13:00-13:05: Opening remarks:
Prof. Junichi Kato, Dean of ADSM, Hiroshima University (tentative) 

13:05-13:35: Dr. Mochammad Cholid, Dean of Balittas: Research and development program of Balittas 

13:35-14:05: Dr. Marjani, Balittas: Breeding program on fiber crops with special emphasized on bast and leaf fiber crops 

14:05-14:35: Prof. Nurindah, Balittas: Biological control of crop pests: roles of semiochemicals on tritrophic interactions and development of parasitoid attractants 

14:35-15:00:  COFFEE BREAK 

15:00-15:30: Prof. Yukihiko Matsumura, HU-ACE, Hiroshima Univ.: Research activity of HU-ACE and recent progress of hydrothermal treatment of biomass. (tentative, under negotiation) 

15:30-16:00: Assist. Prof. Kenshi Watanabe, ADSM, Hiroshima Univ.: Valuable oil production from various biomass by Aurantiochytrium (tentative) 

16:00-16:30: Assist. Prof. Takahisa Tajima, ADSM, Hiroshima Univ.: Efficient production of biochemicals with simple biocatalyst using psychrophilic microorganisms (tentative) 

16:30-17:00: General Discussion and concluding remarks
Prof. Yutaka Nakashimada, ADSM, Hiroshima Univ. 

Financially supported by Advanced Core for Energetics Hiroshima Univ. (HU-ACE)