The 522nd Physical Property Seminar

Date: 10:00 5th Jul, 2018
Title: Neutron scattering and imaging methods – overview methods and possibilities
Speaker: Prof. Bjørn C. Hauback, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Kjeller, Norway
Place: Hiroshima University, Hitashi-Hiroshima Campus,School of Advanced Science of Matter. Conference Room 403N

Abstracts: Neutron scattering is an important method for characterization of materials. Neutrons have several unique properties: (i) the scattering from light elements is similar to heavy elements in the periodic table; (ii) neutrons have a magnetic moment and unique for characterization of magnetic materials; (iii) neutrons penetrate far into many materials, and thus unique to study bulk properties and easy to use complex sample environments; and (iv) the scattering between neighboring elements and isotopes of same element can be very big. This presentation will cover different advantages of neutron scattering methods, different types of neutron-based instrumentation and examples of applications.
IFE is running a reactor, JEEP II, that is used for neutron scattering. The present and coming instrumentation in our upgrade program, NcNeutron – Norwegian Center for Neutron Research (, will be presented.